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I'll explain my current business and ordering policies on this page.

Before You Buy

Before buying a shih-tzu, I'd like you to read over the shih-tzus history page. More importantly, their general behavior and care needed. Shih-tzus are very cute and cuddly but they might not be the right dog breed for you.

After choosing a puppy that you'd like to buy, contact me by phone or e-mail first before making a deposit. Next, you need to make a non-refundable deposit or pay for the puppy in full within 48 hours. Because this reserves the pup for you, and turning down other potential buyers, it is non-refundable. Be sure you want to make this commitment. I accept paypal, personal checks or money orders. If you write out a check or money order, it needs to be sent Next Day with a tracking number. Once it clears, I'll get in touch with you to make final arrangements. I have a No-Sales to Broker Policy.

Every puppy comes with a contract, which includes a health gaurantee for the first year. Your new puppy also comes with a carrier, registration papers (unless otherwise stated) and toys.


Puppies are not only cute and cuddly, but are a huge responsibility. They take lots of care, time and patience. If, for ANY reason, you find yourself unable to continue caring for your little bundle at any time, please get in touch with me as soon as you can. There won't be any questions asked. We can work together to find your puppy a loving home. I want to keep these little guys out of the shelters as much as possible. These pups are raised with lots of love to be great companions for everyone and deserve to get this kind of love throughout their entire lives.

Do you have any questions? Send me an e-mail at: